Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Moments in Time

"Moments in Time."
Narrated Version Maricet Delaney

Filmed in North Cumbria (Lake District) ... This special version features
the words of Poet, Maricet Delaney,
and the voice of Cumbrian man, Drew Campbell.

Maricet Delaney created this poem after watching the original a few weeks ago.

Drew Campbell, and his dear wife Christine, invited my wife & I down for the week -
we had a wonderful time with our kindred family, and the Lake District is incredibly beautiful.
My camera could barely hope to do it justice, I hope you enjoy nevertheless.
Chris Bishop

The Wonderful Voice of Drew Campbell

Reading Memories In Time

By Maricet

Crystal clear flow the waters
over the rock laden falls,
to carry us down,
to the lush green ground.
Where stones grow
to create a bridge
into a heavenly garden.

Where mists of water  
bathe the visions
that we'd never known
were there before.

Moss softens the rocks and our hearts.

Majestic falls splash
breaking open passages
to rolling creamy streams.

Rushing like, water spouts,
toward the unseen.

Carry me I plead.
There isn't much time.

Quickly it carries me.  
To find myself ...
Standing alone.
Peering down ...
Over golden barriers.
All is overcome.
Nothing stops the dream.

Where only I have gone,
Mercifully on.

Listen to the sound of silence.  
(and) the majesty, so profound,
whispers to the ground.

It is (Tis) here, all things are found.
In the silence of the aftermath,
In the vastness of the mind.
In the valleys.

Like a sheep alone on a mountain top.

There now. ~
You've come home.   


Monday, November 19, 2012

Whispering Ghosts

The music above inspired 
My words which follow:
One can hear the faint
whispers of the ghosts
through the aether's

And the flute calls to them,
Gather here.
Come to me you spirits
of ancient times so long ago.

In your passing,
I hear you and long
for your words
to reach my ears.

Then gather near
where my soul can hear.
Come sit by me
in this circle of life.

Come share with me,
your timeless wisdom
beneath the depths of heaven.

Come sit. Come speak.
Come please, do stay.
Beside and within me,
remain with me always.

Then carry me off only,
in spirit one day,
when we'll journey together.

Bring your generations of truth
to we, who long to hear.
That we may become all
the creator has meant us to be.

Guide us by your light,
through your whispering
across the veil,
That I may hear
your words, more clearly.
That I, with my flute,
may echo your wisdom.

Tonight the stars
glisten in the sky.
the Eagle flies,
separating the moon
from the day.

The Wolves howl
in reverent refrain,
to the echoing song
of the flute,
it knows so well.

Gather round me now.
Come sit by me and stay awhile.
Please don't go away.

Rising on your whisperings
my flute carries
your words of wisdom,
for all to hear.

Listen my people
of every nation,
Wakan Tanka Speaks.

(C) Maricet

And Then Came Drew Campbell  
My Dear Friend ...
Who read these words just as you have here.
And he has honored us all with this gift he's prepared
With his talents shared; his photos, his video
and his wonderful voice. 
Fritz's music and my verse are in this video for all to enjoy.


Sunday, November 18, 2012


  "A Forest Path in Hampshire UK"
Photo shared with permission of "Victoria Standen"
Thank You Victoria 


Forests and forest paths.
Soaring in open skies.
Majestic Swans so elegant.
Birds in flight.
 Eagles so Grand 
~ and ~
"Angel voices mixed with seabird cries."

Rivers, streams and ocean dreams.
Mountains that leap toward the sky.
The four seasons ~ Spring through Spring.
Scenic vistas, sailboats, private islands.
Sky-watching of amazing sunsets
~ and ~
Clouds sculpting messages in the sky.

Sunbeams streaming, blessings leaving.
Wondrous colors of nature sublime.
Rushing spills of waters, glistening in the sun.
Mirrored peaceful waters, lingering on.
Butterflies and forget-me-nots
~ and ~ 
Forgetting not, the wonders of you.

© Maricet

As inspired while watching Kurt Penner's video
Creation Dream ~ Music - Bruce Cockburn

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Birds In Flight" (Born of Fire Earth Water Air)

Photo by AyJay Schibig 

Four wondrous creatures of flight,
each one; as the four elements.
Fire ~ Earth ~ Water ~ Air.

Out of the "Fire" of the womb
where heartbeats began,
where procreation had a hand.

Out of the "Earth",
of a gathering of grasses,
of an egg from a cozy nest
so warm, so small.

Into the "Water"they paddled,
so tiny swimming there.
Until they grew strong in wing.
Then one day, the "Air" above
called to them from on high,
and they were asked to fly.

Above the earth into the sky,
The currents drifted there,
beckoned them to soar.

There grew a great golden light.
shining upon amber drifts of clouds,
 Carried upon currents of Air
Warmed perfectly by the Sun

They were lifted on high
To play amongst the
wisps of golden clouds
the rains had left behind.

Ⓒ Maricet

When Nature's Sweetness Comes

    Photo by Béatrice Thévenot Bailly

When nature's sweetness comes to visit
It speaks in such soft tones 
And music flows, so faintly, 
In whispers of tender petals, 
Caressed by gentle breezes, 
 Lain upon the breast of spirit, 
Impressed upon one's heart, 
As no other could be given.

Ⓒ Maricet

Beatrice Thevenot Bailly
"It's so beautiful what you write, Maricet !
You're a genius for writing!♥"

Ah-h dear Béatrice ...
And of your eyes and
visions shared ...
Awakens thou my spirit to stir.
To draw as a quill pen,
from the inkwell of nectar
that grows abundantly within.
Then to rise and be tasted,
to share of this sweetness
in moments like these...
Of this and of "You"
I am grateful.

Béatrice Thévenot Bailly
Thanks to you Maricet !!!"

Because You Are Beautiful ...

When crystals give way to hope. 
A light glimmers, e'en in the dark ... 
Cast your eyes upon the star, 
Cast your hopes beyond!
(C) Maricet

 "Iridescent Perceptions"
www.youtube.comAnn Schmitz and Annemarie Borg Limited ed. 
Book Photography and realisation 
Ann Schmitz © 2012 Music and Poetry Annemarie Borg © 2012 
To purchase the book...http://www.annemarieborg.com  

 Because you are beautiful, 
Like a crystal that shines ...
Like a thousand tiny stars. 
Hope lies in every glimmer 
and is cut out 
Of every facet of yourself!
ℭ Maricet

The Expression of You


 As important as the drawing in 
of that first breath of life ~ 
When the soul enters in to 
it's dwelling of being ...
Are the gifts that it brings 
which should ne'er be held captive.
Which is why such houses, have
doors and windows you see ...
To look inward and then, to set free. 
ℭ Maricet